Howdy Gals Presents: Native Wildflower Class + Making Your Own Seed Mix


21+ | $10 | INSIDE

Calling all plant people!! Howdy Gals presents our first ever Plant Pals’ class 🌱

This beginner-friendly class will be teaching the importance of the native plants and wildflowers we have in Texas. You’ll learn how seeds work, which seeds can be planted when & where and then with complimentary cute salt shakers, you’ll create your personalized wildflower mix to take home.

You’ll walk away from this class with a better understanding of soil health, our local environment and why encouraging native plants and flower growth benefits us and the critters that live here.

This event will be indoors at Hotel Vegas with drink specials to enjoy 🍹

Ticket holders can also get into the evening show we’ll be hosting afterward with Cosmic Chaos, Nemegata & Exotic Fruits!

Proceeds will go towards the Texas Tribal Buffalo Project, an Indigenous nonprofit dedicated to healing the generational trauma of Lipan Apache descendants and other native nations. Learn more here: